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This hand woven area rug is ideal for brightening up any space. It is made from cotton fabric strips. Rich in texture and color, the rugs make use of excess fabric (Chindi) generated by the apparel industry. It comes is a 2x3 foot size and can be used on any floor surface. They are naturally durable and can work well in any room in the house.

Product Features

  • Hand Woven.
  • 100% cotton.
  • 24 x 36”
  • Machine Washable
  • Long lasting. Stands up to wear and tear.

Additional Information

  1. The first step the rug producers take is to separate Chindi by length and color. Short and medium length strips are used for smaller rugs, while long strips are set aside for wider rugs.
  2. White or light colored Chindi is often over-dyed to achieve the desired color for a particular collection of rugs. Chindi in medium and darker hues is used in its original state and incorporated into the rug design.
  3. Chindi rugs are woven as they have been for generations, on looms by skilled artisans. The results of their technical and artistic skill are beautiful rugs with subtle variation. Each rug is undeniably unique.
  4. The brightly colored vertical or warp threads, add another level of depth to the rugs. The combination of the colorful warp with the cotton chindi creates the beautiful product.

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