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The AlcoHAWK Avanti is a digital breath alcohol screener that quickly checks for the presence of alcohol. This product features a SMART Fuel-Cell sensor, which is not subject to interference from acetone, and offers enhanced linear accuracy over traditional semi-conductor sensors.

Replaceable mouthpieces allows for safe and sanitary testing of multiple users. The mouthpieces help to focus the air sample through the unit to obtain the most accurate %BAC results. Simply insert a mouthpiece into the AlcoHAWK Avanti and begin testing immediately.

Large, easy-to-read 4-digit LCD display provides quick and accurate testing results of the %BAC.

Designed to Last – Fuel Cell Sensor Technology provides enhanced linear accuracy throughout the wide test range of 0.000 – 0.400 %BAC. The Avanti fuel cell is designed to be durable and robust enough to last for thousands of tests.

The AlcoHAWK Avanti includes a hard carrying case, three mouthpieces, 9V battery, owner's manual, and a 1 year warranty.


Advanced SMART Fuel Cell Sensor

• Offers enhanced linear accuracy over traditional semi-conductor sensors.

Fast Warm-up/Response/Recovery Time & Accurate Results

• Fast warm-up for a quick start & consecutive tests

• Quick response time in 3 ~ 35 seconds

• Professional grade accuracy for successive testing

• Dual light LCD display with 4 digits and audio alerts

• Wide detection range up to 0.400% or 2.000 BrAC

Easy Calibration & Low Cost Maintenance

• One point (0.100% BAC/0.500 BrAC) automatic recalibration • Longer sensor lifetime and long-term stability

• Economic sensor cost for A/S

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