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Cyber Clean Screen Cleaning Solutions answer your screen cleaning needs in every situation: at home, in the office, in the car or on the go. The smart and easy-to-use solutions remove dirt, dust, and stains as well as germs, leaving your screens clean and polished. The captivating yet functional design ensures optimal results. Cyber Clean Desk-Pro can be placed into its practical and elegant docking station, ready to hand in your workplace. Whenever dirt or stains disturb you, simply spray the solution onto your screen and then softly wipe with the high-tech performance absorbing fiber on the back.

Product Features

  • Easy removes dirt, dust, and stains as well as germs from screens and surfaces
  • Reusable

Additional Information

  • Desk-Pro: Hold 10–15 centimeters and spray 2–4 times for tablets and 1-2 times for smart phones on the surface of the screen. Flip around and use the hydrophilic fabric on the backside of the device to wipe across the screen until the surface is completely dry.

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