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The new Masterpiece in the Photocamera cleaning tools panorama.

Cyber Clean CameraCare is an innovative and complete camera care kit to keep your camera and gear free from dust and dirt. The compact all in one solution is designed to effectively clean and disinfect the lens, sensor, view finder, screen, body and even the bag of your camera.

A clean and dust-free camera is not only good looking, but also provides for the best quality pictures. Cyber Clean CameraCare with its unique design combines all the tools you need to clean your photo equipment. From the micro fiber pen for the delicate lenses, to the anti-static carbon brush for detaching dust particles, to the powerful air-blower and, last but not least, the efficient Cyber Clean compound to clean the structured surfaces and controls of the camera body. This highly innovative product is a handy accessory and "must have" for both professionals and hobby photographers.

Product Features

  • Effectively clean and disinfect the lens, sensor, view finder, screen, body and even the bag of your camera
  • Unique Design
  • Reusable

Additional Information

  • Combining the efficiency of Cyber Clean with the other included tools allows you to clean and disinfect even the tightest gaps of your camera and accessories. For perfect function, maximum life span and clear images.
  • Warning: Mirror, curtain and sensor are highly sensitive and should be cleaned with special caution. Carefully remove dust and lint only with the air blower. Do not touch with the other cleaning tools. Consult your camera dealer for further assistance.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and keep in a dry place.
  • Warning: Keep away from children and pets. Do not ingest.
  • Do not rub, just press! Use with dry hands
  • Only use the Cyber Clean compound for cleaning housing and camera bag.

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