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Each Clinere Comfort Guide Ear Cleaner is a patented, ear cleaning tool designed specifically to safely and effectively remove earwax, dirt, and debris out of ears. They are similar to a physician's ear cleaning tool but designed to be more flexible for use by consumers. Unfortunately, many people still use cotton swabs to clean their ears. Because of the rounded shape of cotton swab ends, earwax can be pushed back INTO the ear canal. With Clinere Ear Cleaners, earwax can be scooped out, helping to avoid earwax blockage and infection.

The NEW Clinere Comfort Guide Ear Cleaner has a specially designed narrow SCOOPED END to gently scoop out earwax and debris from the entrance of the ear canal and the outer surfaces of the ear. The New Clinere Reusable Comfort Guide Ear Cleaners SCOOP is specifically designed to remove earwax out of ears, instead of pushing the earwax back into the ear canal.  The CLINERE Ear Cleaning Brand continues to be the #1 Selling Ear Cleaning Tool and we've been satisfying consumers since 2003!

  • Reusable earwax removal tool from Clinere
  • For cleaning the entrance area to the ear canal and outer ear. Do not insert into ear canal.
  • Do not enter the ear canal beyond the indicated stop-line in the illustration on back of packaging
  • Narrower scoop design than our original Clinere Ear Cleaners for those with narrow ears
  • Soft yet firm plastic allows for maximum effectiveness of ear wax removal while maintaining optimal comfort
  • Comfort Stop Guide helps prevent users from inserting scoop into the ear canal.  Warning, not all ears are the same, do not insert into ear canal            
  • Made in the USA

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For cleaning the entrance area to the ear canal and the outer ear. DO NOT ENTER THE EAR CANAL BEYOND THE STOP LINE INDICATED IN THE ILLUSTRATION. When using Clinere® Earwax Remover for the first time, use it as lightly and softly as possible until familiar with its use. Use the scooped end to gently scoop out earwax or ear debris from the entrance area to the ear canal and outer surfaces of the ear.

Reusable Directions: Clinere® Earwax Remover cleans well and is reusable under certain conditions. When cleaning, do not squeeze, crush or deform the end of the Remover in any way. Do not use your fingernails as a cleaner. Best cleaned delicately and immediately after use with soap and a soft brush; rinse under hot tap water. After cleaning, Earwax Remover must be properly treated with alcohol or suitable solution to sterilize.

Note: Although this product is designed with a stop, care must be taken as not all ears are the same. Directions and warnings must be observed.

Warnings: Do not enter the ear canal beyond the stop line indicated in the illustration on the package. People with sensitive ears should use caution. If you currently suffer from an existing ear condition, do not use this or any other similar product (use of this or any other like product may aggravate a present condition). Use alone to prevent injury through accidental bumping by others. Use only in a secure, safe, non-moving environment. Do not use in one’s nose. Not for use by children. If pain or discomfort results, discontinue use. Misuse of this product could cause serious injury, pain, infection or loss of hearing. Use only as directed. It is recommended by Clinere® that these ear cleaners be disposed of after each use to eliminate the chance of injury or infection due to poor or improper cleaning by the user. Keep out of the reach of children.

Reusable Warning: Careless, vigorous or rough cleaning can damage or fracture the Earwax Remover. As with any reusable product, it is necessary to examine the product after cleaning to ensure it is safe and fit for reuse. Misuse, improper cleaning or lack of product examination can cause injury and infection that may result in hearing loss.


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