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GOJO Scrubbing Wipes are heavy-duty hand cleaning wipes formulated to lift heavy dirt and grime without water. These wipes contain soothing skin conditioner to help prevent skin dryness and irritation. Dual textured towel has a scrubbing side to loosen soil, tar, grease and adhesives, and a smooth side for quick absorption. Portable, convenient and easy to use.

Remove the toughest tar, grease and grime in one easy step - no water is needed!

Product Features

• Scrub Away Grease and Grime with GOJO Cleaning Power without irritation to skin.

• Larger, dual textured wipes quickly remove the toughest soils.

• Perfect for your toolbox or glove compartment

• Quickly remove: Tar, Asphalt, Dirt, Paints, Inks, Polyurethane, Urethanes, Oils, Grease, Lubricants, Sealants, Epoxies, Adhesives, Caulks

• Includes (2) 72ct canisters = 144ct total


Use abrasive side to scrub hands. Use smooth side to lift dirt away.

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