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Alocane Advanced Scar Therapy Gel is a proprietary formula utilizing the most effective ingredients to assist in the prevention of scar formation. This Scar Gel has Onion Bulb Extract to reduce scaring and inflammation, along with Silicone to help soften scars, increase elasticity, decrease scar redness, pain and itching. Aloe Vera assists in healing damaged skin and decreases skin layering.

Product Features

  • Specially formulated to prevent the formation of scars
  • Reduces visibility of old and new scars
  • Restores elasticity to tissue

Onion Bulb Extract helps: 

  • Reduce inflammation in the skin
  • Reduce redness
  • Prevent collagen production

Silicone Gel helps: 

  • Soften scar tissue
  • Flatten out the scar tissue
  • Break down excess collagen 

Aloe Vera helps: 

  • Heal damaged skin
  • Sooth the skin 

Made in the USA

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