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The most effective way to deal with viruses and allergens is to avoid the causing contaminants. The Flu, Colds and Allergic Rhinitis occur when your immune system reacts to airborne viruses and allergens. If pollen, pollution and pathogens can’t get into your body, they can’t make you sick!

breatheWELL Nasal Filters feature a unique filtration material that is electrostatically charged to better capture of microscopic particles. breatheWELL also offers a discreet and drug free alternative to medications or face masks. Mucous droplets and airborne dust on the lowest range are 3 to 19 microns but average sizes are well above 20 and up to 100 microns. breatheWELL traps particles measuring over 20 microns and effectively reduces airflow particles at 3 microns or greater

breatheWELL is perfect for use during travel, on airplanes, or while sleeping. It’s great for dusty work environments, areas with high tree and flower pollen, in the home where pet dander is present, or in industrial areas where air pollution is prevalent.

To use breatheWELL , you simply remove the device from the pouch with clean hands. Gently place the devise on the nose with the curvature facing towards you. Enjoy cleaner air and easier breathing.

  • PREVENT AIR POLLUTANTS: Blocks up to 99% of air pollutants!
  • FILTRATION: Effective in reducing airborne viruses, pollens, debris and allergens from entering nose
  • BETTER BREATHING: Nasal Device opens nasal passages for better breathing
  • DISCREET: Fits securely and discretely inside the nose, compared to traditional face masks
  • COMFORTABLE: Soft and comfortable, latex-free nasal filter

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WarningsCHOKING HAZARD: Not intendend for children under 12. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, using other medicines or homeopathic remedies, or are unsure about using this product, speak to your doctor before use.
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How to Use: With clean hands, remove the device from the pouch. Gently place the device in the nose with the curvature facing towards you. Enjoy cleaner air and easier breathing!


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